Fertility Bootcamp

Join our August 2022 cohort!

Did you know that preconception care is one of the most important things you can do to boost fertility and increase the likelihood of a happy and healthy baby? 

The Fertility Bootcamp is the ultimate 8-week medically-supervised preconception program. Each week Dr. Brock, Registered Dietitian and Naturopathic Medical Doctor, will introduce ways to support egg quality, ovulation regularity, sperm health, energy levels, sleep patterns, stress reduction and overall fertility wellness.

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What is Fertility Bootcamp?

Over the 8 weeks of participation you will learn every aspect of preconception care from an expert in the field, including nutrition optimization, sensible supplements, stress management, hormone balance, cycle tracking and more. You will also have the opportunity to be an active participant in yoga class, targeted exercise, acupuncture treatment, meal planning, cooking demonstration and many other complementary services. All sessions are in-person and led by physicians, exercise specialists, acupuncturists, behavioral health therapists and other professionals.  Upon enrollment, you will be scheduled for a 1-on-1 initial appointment with Dr. Brock, where you receive individualized fertility education and treatment based upon your personal history, signs and symptoms and hormone test results.  Once you enter into the weekly, in-person (some may join virtually) program, you will have the opportunity to connect with others on a fertility journey while learning and exploring relevant topics together.

This cohort begins Tuesday August 23rd 6-8pm and will run for 8 weeks. We encourage participants to meet in person every week but we also offer a virtual option so you can join no matter what!

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fertility camp
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Is this right for me?

  • Have you recently gotten off birth control and are ready to become pregnant?
  • Are you planning to become pregnant in the next year?
  • Have you received a diagnosis that negatively impacts fertility (PCOS, hypothyroidism, ovarian insufficiency, etc)?
  • Have you been actively trying to conceive without success?
  • Are you considering or soon starting IUI or IVF?
  • Are you looking to connect with a supportive group also on a fertility journey?


Why do I need this?

What you do in terms of diet, stress management, exercise, and supplemental nutrition in the 3-4 months prior to conception can determine egg quality, hormone balance, readiness for implantation and ultimately enhance fertility. Prioritizing preconception care should be the cornerstone for every couple trying to conceive!

Additionally, people struggling with fertility can often feel overwhelmed and alone. If you find yourself searching online for answers but leaving with more fears and questions, this program offers you a place to get the educated answers you need to feel secure and empowered.  In this group, you will connect and relate with others walking in your shoes.  This group is meant to provide non-judgmental support and evidence-based education while also being self-affirming and fun!

What is included?

  • 1-on-1 appointment with Dr. Brock ($275 value)
  • Comprehensive blood work review ($275 value)
  • Acupuncture session ($100 value)
  • Personal training session ($65 value)
  • Fertility Yoga class ($30 value)
  • Cooking demonstration and recipe book ($50 value)
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy ($60 value)
  • 8 medically supervised fertility education classes ($3000 value)

  • ... and a few bonus surprises along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my partner? YES! All parties involved in the baby making process are welcome to join. If you are considering pregnancy with a sperm donor, don't feel alone- this program is also great for you!

Will I get pregnant on this program? While we can't make any promises, we can guarantee this program will give you every tool necessary to improve your reproductive health.

What happens at the in-person sessions? You will receive educational materials every week with a 30-60 minute presentation by a expert in that area. Some sessions will be more active than others, for example the exercise week or the acupuncture treatment week.

Is this program personalized? Absolutely. Prior to your first week of attendance, you will have already completed a hormone urine test and a review of findings with Dr. Brock. She will guide you personally as you move through the group sessions weekly.

Tell me more about Dr. Brock... Dr. Bonnie Brock is the unique combination of a Registered Dietitian and a Naturopathic Medical Doctor.  She studied Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University, received a Master of Public Health degree from and became a Registered Dietitian at Tulane University and a doctorate from National University of Health Sciences.  She has been working with women for over 20 years uncovering their obstacles to health and helping them return to wellness in the areas of eating disorders, weight management, hormone balance and fertility. She received additional fertility training as a mentee of Dr. Jaclyn Chasse ND, world-renowned fertility specialist.  In her years of practice, Dr. Brock has listened to the life and health stories of countless women and always provides non-judgmental support, solidly scientific education and never-ending encouragement.