Initial Visit

To schedule a new patient appointment call/text 480-702-1537

Step 1 Information Collection: Our patient coordinator will gather the details of your history, labs, imaging, medications, and prior treatment/surgeries. She will listen intently to your concerns and desires for health as this is essential in understanding the underlying cause of any issue.

Step 2 Focused Musculoskeletal Exam: Dr. Byrne will conduct your musculoskeletal exam. Her goal during your time together is to identify pain or dysfunction that may be associated with your joints, muscles, ligaments, or tendons. She will learn more about your movements and your health concerns associated with daily activities.

Step 3 Review of Internal Systems: You can expect Dr. Brock to go into detail regarding internal health. This may be associated with hormone health, gastrointestinal concerns, brain or adrenal health, just to name a few. She will connect the dots as she moves through your final assessment within our integrative experience.

Depending on your case, you may be receiving paperwork on your initial visit to complete lab tests, imaging, or other special tests as recommended by the doctors.

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