Our Team


Bridget Scott LMT, our 11 year licensed massage therapist, holds additional training in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, sacral iliac joint (SI) release, prenatal techniques, massage for headaches, massage for anxiety, cupping, and aromatherapy.


Madison Kebbel LMT, our craniosacral and Rolfing specialist adds incredible value to patient care. Her techniques are designed to release the fixations of fascia and connective tissue offering pain relief, improved flexibility, improve athletic performance, and release muscular tension.


Jennifer Howard RN brings her passion for aesthetics and helping clients look and feel their best by providing an individualized approach through cutting edge non-surgical procedures. Her services include Botox® for aesthetic benefit, TMJ and headache relief. She is also trained in advanced injectable techniques.


Skylar Ehrenstrom RN brings her incredible skill set and passion for patient health to Acacia as our Nutrient IV nurse. She is available weekly to provide intravenous nutrients to help with hydration, immunity, migraine relief, and energy.