Red Light + Infrared Therapy

The wavelengths that are specific to red light are thought to stimulate mitochondria — tiny organs within each cell that are responsible for producing energy and regulating cell production. Mitochondria also play an important role in controlling inflammation. Red light has been shown to reduce pain, stimulate hair growth, improve skin quality, maintain a more even skin tone, improve wound healing, and improve quality of sleep. Red light may also enhance workout recovery by delaying the onset of muscle soreness, reducing blood markers connected with muscle damage from exercise, and improving the maximal exercise tolerance during exercise. Near infrared NIR is useful for treatments of tissues that lie deeper within the body, such as organs, muscles, lymph tissue, and even brain tissue, just to give a few examples of the power of NIR. Infrared promotes vasodilation, improves blood flow, and eliminates the focus of inflammation.

All are welcome to experience healing in our Red Light Room. This room provides therapies to help repair your muscles, rejuvenate your skin, reclaim your mind, and restore your sleep.

The Red Light Room is available for $10 per session. Unlimited monthly use is available for $50 a month.