Aesthetics + Laser Treatments

Acacia is very excited to offer laser treatments to elevate your physical well being.

Consider laser treatments if you desire to:
Improve vaginal laxity or dryness
Reduce the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars, surgical scars or age spots
Tighten loose skin
Improve pigmentation disorders
Reduce wrinkles
Remove unwanted hair
Reduce fat volume and improve body contour

Skin Resurfacing

Fractional RF treatments allow for safer, more comfortable treatments for: skin resurfacing, rejuvenation, acne scar clearance, stretch mark and wrinkle reduction and pigmentation disorders.

Using Sinclair's SVC Technology, we can treat areas considered more difficult, such as the neck, décolleté and hands comfortably and with reduced adverse events thanks to vacuum, cooling and smart-heat. This treatment is effective and minimally invasive with little downtime.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Say goodbye to incontinence!
Throughout a woman's life, hormonal and physical changes, such as pregnancy and menopause can adversely affect vaginal health. These intimate concerns often go untreated but at Acacia we care deeply about our patients' physical and sexual health and are excited to introduce this revolutionary technology.

The V-VR by Sinclair is a new, non-invasive, pain-free vaginal rejuvenation treatment. This laser treatment is indicated for vulvovaginal atrophy, incontinence, vaginal relaxation syndrome, vaginal dryness, vaginal tightening, vaginal scars, and can improve sex life.

Skin Tightening

Our V-ST technology can tighten skin and reduce wrinkles to provide a youthful look that reflects your younger spirit.

V-ST treatments provide measurable results, most notably the appearance of firmer and tighter skin. These treatments are suitable for all areas of the body including facial areas such as the: jowls, cheeks, forehead, neck, and décolleté. This technology encourages collagen production by fibroblast stimulation and nourishes the skin with peptides and vitamins to provide the building materials for the formation of connective tissue that holds the skin tight.

Cellulite and Fat Reduction

The V-FORM is a non-invasive, safe, effective device combining the use of radiofrequency (RF) energy and vacuum to provide improvement of local blood circulation and cellulite reduction. If you’ve lost a lot of weight rapidly, via childbirth, surgery, diet, or exercise - V-FORM is your answer! With Sinclair’s Core TM technology you can treat loose skin after rapid weight loss. 

V-FORM can be used to treat those body parts
you’re most looking to treat (stomach, buttocks, thighs), as well as hard-to-treat areas like underarms and inner thighs

Hyperpigmentation Clearance

Our V-IPL technology dramatically reduces hyperpigmentation lesions, making the skin tone even and bright. During the treatment, the high concentration of melanin in the pigmented lesion is affected by energy, leading to local coagulation and consequential removal of the effected skin cells. It also reduces the formation of new pigmented spots by balancing the synthesis of melanin and melanocyte activity.