Weight Management

Weight management can be complex, multi-faceted and frustrating.  While there are many factors that are outside your control with weight management, like aging and genetics, there are also many places you can make an impact if you only knew where to begin.  Seeking the help of a trained weight loss professional to determine your individual hurdles to weight loss can be life changing. We have developed a program that effectively evaluates your specific hurdles through targeted blood work, creates an individualized lifestyle and/or medication plan and offers weekly accountability and support to manage your weight once and for all.

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As a participant in Acacia Natural Medicine’s 12-week Medical Weight Loss program you will receive:

1-on-1 Appointment with Dr. Brock to identify your individualized weight loss medication plan

All injectable medicine delivered directly to your home for an affordable monthly rate

Weekly accountability check-ins with Dr. Brock

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Based on Dr. Brock's evaluation of your health status and goals the options for medical support weight loss include: B12/MIC, Ozempic/Semaglutide, Trizepatide, Semorelin, Contrave, and Appetite Suppressants